Artist Directory

Artist directory searches can be done using the Internet. If you know of an artist directory site you can go straight to that site and find that person’s work.

However, if you do not, you can type a phrase similar to “artist directory” into your favorite Web browser. This will help you find what you are looking for the fastest. Using your Web browser will lead you to just under 28 million websites that are relevant to the search of artist directories.

Some of the most useful links will help you find art work by different artists from all around the globe. These artists and their works are posted on one site by continental location. When you click on a continent link you are then taken to a page with links of the different kinds of art. Examples if art work done by these artists are sculpture, painting, drawing, digital art and more. When you click on one of these links you are sent to a page with a list of artists who have created those kinds of art.

These lists of names will tell you quite a bit about the artist such as name of the artist and where the artist lives. Also, each name on this list is a link to a profile of these artists. It states the education, award history, exhibit history and more. Not all of the artist directory sites will have the artists displayed in this way but this one does.

Other artist directory sites will have profile of artists, but they are usually categorically listed in other ways, such as alphabetically by first letter or by type of art. If you know the name of an artist you can also type that name into a search bar.

Not sometimes an artist directory will provide you with information regarding performing art individuals and groups as well. These are usually sought for by browsing music category or by artist name. Sometimes these groups are sought for by a non-profit association as well. There is a variety of ways that both visual and performing artists can be sought for on the Internet.