Business Directory

When you look for a business directory you will notice that there are many links available online.

Sometimes a business directory is more localized, like a local Yellow pages directory. Other times it is more nationalized or internationalized even. When you use an online business directory you can usually find a particular business within minutes, or sometimes within seconds.

Usually when you look up something in a business directory you have to either type in the city, state, and/or zip code, or you have to type the business category and address information. If you do not know exactly where a particular business you can search for it by using keywords to search for a business.

Using a business directory is much like using the Yellow Pages section of the phone book. In a phone book you usually have to turn to the page of a category and then look on that page for what you are searching for.

A business directory posted online uses the similar concept. The only difference is that the location information is usually found by the method above (keyword searches) or by clicking on a link that leads to a category.

When you search for a word or phrase or click on a category link you are usually directed to a list of search results. The more specific you are in your search the few search results you will get. If you want to have more search results you may want to generalize your search more.

The only disadvantage of generalizing your search is that it takes more time to look through the search results that way. However, it may be necessary sometimes when you are looking for something. Besides, most of the time you are able to find what you need with very little effort.

When you move to other locations you may need to use a business directory in order to find information about the place you are moving to. This is much easier than having to go to a library and finding a phone book for that particular city. Often times you can use a business directory right in the comfort of you own home.