Cell Phone Directory

According to at least one news source, cell phone directory service is soon to be made available within the next year, as of July of 2004.

Now people will be able to search for a cell phone number and be able to find it. National cell phone directory assistance will soon be available. It is amazing because until recently cell phone numbers could not be found in phone directories, and through national directory assistance services. This is a very important advance.

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The biggest disadvantage of cell phone directories, however, is that it reduces the level of privacy that people may have if they use one. For instance, a young woman or young man could have a sole proprietorship business that he or she runs out of her home and the fliers to the business may have the cell phone number on it.

Usually this is for a reason. The reason is because that people who live all alone may not want their personal information such as name and address revealed. People who live alone have no one else there to help protect them. Therefore, cell phones help give these people privacy. These people would most likely not want their cell phone numbers in phone directories.

Another disadvantage of cell phone directories is that telemarketers may end up getting their hands on these. This also reduces the level of privacy and security that a person has. They may have to pay money in order to keep their cell phone numbers private. Some people do not like this idea, or the fact that they may have to pay for unwanted calls.

One solution to the problem of the controversy of cell phone directory use is that cell phone customers are given the right to not have to opt in to be put in the directory. Furthermore, there is effort being made to eliminate the fees that people have to pay to be unlisted.

Sometimes a cell phone directory can be helpful. However, some people consider it another invasion of privacy. It is up to you to decide what you think for yourself. If you have a legitimate use for that service, you can find links to cell phone directories when you search for them on the Internet.