Email Directory

An email directory can be a wonderful resource, and needs to be used properly.

A legitimate use of an email directory usually includes finding lost friends and loved ones as well as finding the emails of people you currently know. Sometimes you can also use an email directory to look up the name of someone that you usually talk to through an instant messenger or online chat service.

An email directory is often included with profiles of members who used different e-mail servers. Those who want to have their profile added to an email directory can usually do so for free, and is usually a service provided with free email accounts.

Email directories work similar to reverse search directories. That means if you have an email of someone you can usually find their phone number or address. Conversely, if you have a phone number or address, you can usually find their email address.

Email directories can be helpful if you have written someone’s email down and then lost it. It can be easily looked up in an email directory most of the time. There are rare cases where names cannot be found, but most of the time they can be found online within a few minutes.

In the case that you cannot find a name, phone number or other contact information using an email directory changes are that information is kept private. If it is kept private there are paid services that can help you find it, but remember there is no guarantee that you will be able to find those numbness. Many people pay good money to protect their privacy.

One very important thing to remember is that an email directory should never be used for Spam emails. This is illegal and could be prosecuted by law. Furthermore, a person’s email rights could be taken away if they participate in excess amounts of Spam. If someone does not want to be on your email list you should take that name off as soon as possible. This is very important to remember.

Other than for the purpose of Spamming, email directories can be very useful. They have helped many people reunite over the years, and helped new people get together as well.