Franchise Directory

A franchise directory is a great tool, especially if you do not want to call directory assistance for a phone number, and you hate using phone books. Either that or you just do not have a current phone directory.

Sometimes you just moved somewhere and for some reason do not have a phone directory yet. Instead of calling information and spending over a dollar per call, you can search for free using the Internet. All you need to do is type the name of a nationally known business and you are usually connected to a website representative of the entire chain of franchises that you are searching for.

For instance, you may want to know where the closest franchise of a department store is near you. You also may want to find a map and direction on how to get there, and a phone number to the place. All this can be done by using a location finder that is available on most corporate websites. A franchise directory helps you find this information very quickly.

The way that you find a particular store through a corporate franchise directory is by searching by city, state, and/or zip code. One or all of the previously mentioned search criteria is usually typed into search fields and then you are lead to a search result page which lists all the available franchise of a particular corporation that are near you.

A franchise directory can help you find information about anything you are looking for. You can search for a franchise of a car dealership, a franchise of a large chain grocery store, or it a franchise of a department store chain by using a corporate franchise directory.

If you want to find a particular franchise of a business you can first look up the corporation and find a franchise near you. Another use of a franchise directory is to look up various franchises of businesses for sale. This is slightly different than looking up contact information for shopping. This is a business opportunity franchise directory, and is not used as often as the above mentioned store location finder, however it can be useful as well.

Whatever your reason for searching for a certain corporate store or other operation or want to find a listing of franchises for sale, you can find these listings in franchise directories. Franchise directory listings are found by searching the Internet. There are millions of search results relevant to the phrase “franchise directory”.