Google Directory

The Google directory is one of the most popular and one of the most community oriented directories of the entire Internet.

The Google Directory has an extensive list of product and service categories as well as the number of entries listed in each one. This is a great tool for people to use. If you want to submit your business, organization, or personal websites here you can do that.

Another great aspect of the Google directory is that it is one of the largest community run directories out there. People can apply to be an editor of one of the categories of the Google directory. This would be a great experience for those that want to develop some editing experience as a journalist or as a freelance writer.

Regardless of your career goals, participating in the editing of the Google directory can be fun. It will help you stay in touch with all the happenings on the Internet and it helps you gain more Internet knowledge. It also helps you stay informed about the top goods and services that Google and its participants offer.

You can submit sites for free and there is no payment for being an editor of the Google directory site. However, it is a great volunteer experience for those who are interested in developed there skills as applied to working the Internet. It helps them gain credibility when they apply for future Website design and editing jobs.

If you are interested in editing at least one category of the Google directory you can apply for a position doing so. If you do you need to remember that this is a volunteer position. There also are specific guidelines that a Google directory must follow as well.

If you are interest in being a Google directory editor you need to make sure that you understand all those guidelines before you decide to be an editor. You can find those guidelines at the Google directory site for your information.