Parent Directory

Chances are if your kids are in school then you are listed in a parent directory. If you are a parent and want to talk to another parent you may want to check this out.

A parent directory can help parents keep track of one another kids, whether they are small, teen-aged, or college kids. One reason for a parent directory is for one parent to verify to another parent that a child is where that child claims to be.

It can also help parents verify the phone numbers that children give them in regards to there whereabouts. This is a concern because some parents have received false numbers from their children.

Receiving false numbers from your children can be a very devastating sign of lack of trust between the parent and the child. However, it is not the parent’s fault always. Sometimes children fall into peer pressure and a child may act out and go places that a parent would not ordinarily let that child go.

The use of a parent directory can aid a parent in the event that the child does not end up where the child claims that he or she will end up. For instance, a child may say that he or she is sleeping at a friend’s house when it really is someone’s house of the opposite sex.

The above scenarios are all things that parents need to be aware of and parent directories can help parents help one another. Furthermore, a parent directory is very useful for schools in time of an emergency. If a child is sick or hurt the parent can be notified immediately.

Every school, day care, after school program, child sports teams, and organization usually has a parent directory of the kids involved. This is very necessary in case of an emergency, just as it is for parents to have directories of other parents in their children’s lives.