Toll Free Directory

A toll free directory uses a method of search that is unique to finding 800 numbers as well as other toll free numbers.

The reason why someone would want to use a toll free directory is to see if a business has a free phone number that can be used. In fact, some businesses will have a toll free number even if they have long distance numbers to dial. These can sometimes be looked up by business name online.

In order to find a toll free number you need to first find a toll free directory. The easiest way to find a toll free directory is to search for one using your Web browser. You can find them by typing “toll free directories” into the internet search bar that you feel most comfortable using. Usually these search bars are located at the top of your computer screen, on a web browser toolbar.

When you search for toll free directories using your Web browser you will be led to millions of search results. Therefore, you will have quite a pick of what you need. Usually you will find what you need by clicking on one of the first few links present, which will lead you to a working online toll free directory.

In case you wonder why you would need to use a toll free directory you will want to read this paragraph. If you are planning a trip and you remember the name of a travel agency, you may want to type the name of that agency in the business search bar. You can also find names of airlines and other travel information using the toll free directory as well. You want to use it in order to save money on phone calls while planning a trip.

Another way you can search for toll free numbers using a toll free directory is by typing in the name of a Yellow Page category listing. This will lead you to toll free listings (and some non-toll free listings) of numerous businesses for you to call upon.