UK Telephone Directories

UK telephone directories are available online. They are there to help make finding a person, business, or other organization much faster.

You can find personal phone numbers and addresses as well as finding business addresses in UK telephone directories. You can also search in these directories by business category as well, just like you would search in a U.K. paper phone book. Furthermore, using a U.K. search portal to find personal or commercial contact information is cheaper than dialing directory assistance.

In order to find what you are looking for when using U.K. telephone directories you need to have at least part if the information to type in the search fields on a U.K. telephone directory site. For instance, if you are looking for a phone number or address you should type the name of the person in the proper blanks provided. These search blanks are usually displayed on the front page of U.K. directories for your searching convenience.

There are also reverse U.K. telephone directories for you to use as well. This will help you if you do not remember someone’s last name or complete address. In this instance, you will type in a phone number to get the name or address that you are looking for.

In the event that a phone number or address is not listed in any U.K. telephone directories, you should call a U.K. directory assistance number for help. However, be aware that there is usually a charge for a call like that, and there is no guarantee that the operator will be able to help you.

Some personal phone numbers and even business phone numbers are not listed in U.K. telephone directories. These people prefer to keep their phone numbers private. Although, there are nowadays some advertisements on the Internet offering services to help you access unlisted numbers.