Wi-Fi Directory

A Wi-Fi directory is a very comprehensive online list of all the places that offer free high speed internet service for those who are traveling. These guides are as thorough as possible, but you should know a few things about them.

What you need to know about some Wi-Fi Internet access locations is that sometimes the single is not always strong and it is often an unsecured access. In order to make the access more secure you may need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for extra protection.

Not only may the signal not be strong at the Wi-Fi location you are at, but it may be from a different location. You should always try to make sure you are on the right networking channel, although that may not always be possible. You will also need to bring a lot spare batteries for your laptop in case there are not that many available plugs at various Wi-Fi locations.

Other information you may need to know about Wi-Fi is that you may not always be able to get support from the staff on location. The reason why is sometimes these Wi-Fi connections are located in coffee shops, restaurants, RVs, campgrounds, and other areas where the workers are not trained to help you with the Wi-Fi connection. One area where you may receive help is in libraries, but there are only so many libraries in the area where you receive Internet service.

A Wi-Fi directory can point you to all the states and places that you can travel to that offer the Wi-Fi service for free. Not only do the above mentioned locations often have Wi-Fi travel directory service, but also airports, vacation rental properties, hotels, and certain colleges (although not all are free to the general public). This is a great tool for traveling business people and freelancers, as well as people just on vacation.