Yahoo Member Directory

An online Yahoo Member Directory is very useful for looking up those who have a registered Yahoo account.

If you know someone that you have met on Yahoo chat for instance, you can usually find their e-mail address if you look them up by Yahoo I.D. If the e-mail is not present when you search for yahoo I.D. it is because that information has been kept private by that particular Yahoo member.

Sometimes e-mails are not kept private for Yahoo members who choose to let people have access to them. If a person wants to allow people to have access to them this is one option they can choose as they fill out their yahoo member profiles. If a person chooses to reveal their e-mail using a yahoo directory usually there is an e-mail link visible on a person’s Yahoo profile page.

When you click on an e-mail link (otherwise known as e-mail shortcut link) you are sent to a “compose message” page of Yahoo or Outlook other e-mail service. This will help you send a message fast without first having to sign into your e-mail. In order for you to take advantage of using these e-mail shortcuts you have to make use you have a mail service (such as yahoo) installed on your computer.

Another way to e-mail someone from a Yahoo member directory is to copy and past the available link into a compose message page that you open by hand. Either way, the message will still get to that person.

You can look up Yahoo members in the Yahoo directory by real name, Yahoo I.D. and personal interests. This is a great way to meet new people or to contact people that you already have met. If you cannot find an e-mail for that person, you can always Instant Message (IM) that person by the name the person used in Yahoo chat. Most of the time people use the same I.D. for Yahoo chat as they do for Yahoo IM.

If you IM that person you will usually still get a response if that person is interested in talking to you. This is made possible because all offline messages sent through an IM service are usually saved online. If a member gets an IM from you or you get one from them, these messages will pop up when you sign into Yahoo Instant Messenger.

If you are like most people who chat using Yahoo you will know that sometimes it is hard to remember who everyone is who contacts you. If you need to refresh your memory about a Yahoo member, you can click on a link to view that person’s profile. These links are usually displayed on IM messages sent to you. If not, you can always press reply to the offline message and ask them to resend your profile.

Using a Yahoo Member Directory can help you stay connected with the Yahoo community. It is a very useful tool for bringing people together.